Björn SigBjörn
has for more than 30 years been member of the board
of the following associations:
• Association of Swedish Dairy Engineers
• Association of Swedish Dairy Technology
• Council of Nordic Dairy Technology
MILKUM co-operates with companies in quality and environment:
SAV-E Control AB, Vällingby, Sweden
SAV=E®, optimization of dairy processes —
Drivdon AB, Delsbo, Sweden
UVisable®, UV-light for quality control —

UV-light for quality control

Organic material, chemicals and many other substances are fluorescent and lights up with UV-light.

Therefore can organic substances in dairy and food industry light up in dark. UV-light (UVA) can be used for effective inspection of cleaning and hygiene in production equipment, production premises, toilettes, sports centres, etc. Inspection of hygiene in hospitals and other parts of the institutional care is also easy with UV-light. UV-light (UVA) makes also hygienic design of process equipment easier.

The Swedish companies Drivdon AB
and MILKUM are marketing UVisable®, a portable UV-lamp. UVisable® is developed by Drivdon AB. UVisable® has high UV-intensity and extreme long range. Battery powering makes it possible to work where mains power is missing or not allowed. It is always better to prevent bacteriologic problems than having to be taken care of at once.

With daily monitoring of cleaning you will find bacteriological traps in time. The residues will glue in the dark, if no residues there is no fluorescences. Using UVisable® you can easily secure the hygienic standard before starting production. Instead of waiting for the answer from an ordinary analyse the production personal can get the answer immediately.

UVisable® is a valuable tool for daily monitoring of hygiene and finding the problem sources. It can be extremely expensive if the hygiene is not perfect; therefore it is of outmost importance to be attentive of potential problem sources. With UV-light (UVA) it is now possible to quick monitoring the hygienic standard in premises and equipment. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Hygiene control - with the speed of light!

UVisable® makes hygiene inspection:
• Quick
• Easy
• Instant
• Inexpensive
• Pedagogic
• Neutral

More information at:

Optimization of dairy processes

SAV=E® is developed by SAV-E Control AB, Sweden (formerly MVM konsult AB) and patented since 2003. It is an easy installed system, which presents the results ”online”. In SAV=E® is included Trille™ and software TrillControl™.

With SAV=E® and Trille™ you can:
• inspect the process
• optimize the process
• verify the results achieved by actions and improvements
• secure quality of CIP-process

SAV=E® facilitates the quality assurance of the cleaning processes in dairies. The SAV=E®-system provides information about the contribution of the product losses from each cleaning object.

The SAV=E®-system also provides information about the amount of produce which goes to either the reclaim tanks or the wastewater effluent from the dairy. Also the water consumption figures are presented for the cleaning processes divided into “clean water” or “water and dairy produce mixture”.

The idea of SAV=E® is:
• confirm where and when losses arise
• confirm the quantity of the losses
• prioritize what to be done
• do something about the losses

SAV=E® the dairy can:
• reduce losses in dairy processes
• increase yield = improve economy
• save water
• improve environment
• secure quality


SAV=E® is marketing together by the Swedish comapnies SAV-E Control AB and MILKUM.

SAV-E Control AB (formerly MVM konsult AB) has more than 30 years of experience of environment, water and wastage in dairy industry.

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